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Cross border cases and expertise


Budzowska Fiutowski and Partners specialise in personal injury cross border cases. BFP have worked on a number of cases involving multiple jurisdictions. Due to extensive experience of Atty. Jolanta Budzowska in handling personal injury cases and her membership in such organisations as PEOPIL (Board Member) and APIL, she has assisted in multiple cases and cooperated with many foreign law firms, thus providing expertise in the area of Polish law.

 Selected examples of cross border personal injury cases handled and assisted by BFP involve:

1. Providing comprehensive legal assistance in the cases involving road traffic accidents in Poland involving Polish nationals residing in the UK, in particular, assessing the heads of damages and the possible amount of damages; preparing expert reports; verifying the requirements of the service of claims; advising on the appointment of experts to prepare medical reports; advising in respect of the requirements of the Polish law in the area of evidence and causation.

2. Comprehensively assisting one of UK-based law firms in a case involving a partially incapacitated Polish national who participated in a car accident in the UK; in particular, providing ongoing legal assistance in the course of the trial in the UK in respects of Polish substantive law, submitting relevant petitions to the Polish Family Court to obtain consents to undertake activities exceeding day-to-day management of the assets of the incapacitated; providing assistance to the guardian of the incapacitated.

3. Cooperating with UK and US law firms in an aviation law case against the top global airplane manufacturer and the Polish national airlines, involving emergency landing of an airplane; in particular, assisting in collecting the group of claimants among the Polish nationals, assisting in collecting medical reports, advising on selected aspects of the Polish jurisdiction, coordinating the process of concluding the settlements.

4. Assisting foreign law firms in cases involving product liability, including preparation to class action, contact with the media, expertise on the selected aspects of relevant implementations of EU product liability directives.

5. Preparing expert reports and joint expert reports for the purposes of court proceedings in the UK, thus providing expertise on Polish substantive law in personal injury cases.

6. Preparing memoranda on attorneys’ fees, their reimbursement and Polish law in respect thereof.

7. Providing legal assistance to foreign law firms in the proceedings against Polish insurers; in particular, preparing calls for payment, verifying the details of insurance policy, advising on the heads of damages and their assessment.