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15 April 2014

“Journalists and their legal status in the light of Polish law” – Człowiek i dokumenty I-III 2014.

Who can be referred to as a journalist in the light of the Polish law and what is the legal status of a journalist? Should the access to the profession of journalism be open? What are the current regulations concerning the professional conduct of a journalist? What is the legal responsibility of a journalist for his words?

Att. Benedykt Fiutowski and Iwona Cygan, legal counsel trainee, from Budzowska Fiutowski and Partners faced these difficult questions and took the challenge to provide the relevant answers.

It is worth noting that the article coincided with the beginning of long-awaited work on the amendment of the Polish Press Law of 1984. It is expected that the new provisions will precisely define the rights and responsibilities of journalists, as well as comprehensively regulate the controversial matter of civil and criminal liability of journalists.