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19 October 2016

Road Traffic Accident (RTA)  in France – the settlement

The another case of our client who has sustained severe physical injuries has been now closed by reaching an appropriate settlement. In September 2012 our Client was a participant of a coach crash in France.

As the result of index accident our Client has been severely injured – she sustained a multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) i.e.:

an open fracture of the right leg’s shinbone in the stretch of the distal bone with the bone loss which was complicated by a skin necrosis and  the left olecranon fracture

a humerus fracture

neuropraxia of right radial nerve

head injuries

numerous lacerations 

Due to sustained injuries the victim of the accident has been hospitalised in the French hospital by the period longer than 100 days. After the accident our Client by months or even years had to undergo a multidisciplinary treatment. Up till now she still suffers from ongoing symptoms such as restricted mobility of her right leg.

Our law Office for several years has represented her in the settlement negotiation process with the insurer. During this process we were able to obtain several voluntary payments from the insurer. Nevertheless, after taking under the account the scope of the damage that our Client has suffered the amount that we obtained from the insurer was insufficient. Simultaneously to ongoing procedure, the health condition of our Client has been a subject of dynamic changes which prevented from making an ultimate decision on the acceptance of a single amount for the redress and compensation.

When our client’s health condition started to be considered as a stable, our law office on behalf of our Client issued a summon to a conciliatory settlement. The insurer agreed on proposed  conditions.

Collectively with previous payments our Client received the amount of 270.000,00 as a redress, in addition to the said amount she  also received the reimbursement of the costs for the amicable proceeding. The said settlement led to an ultimate settlement of the dispute, without the need of a long court proceeding