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  • 25 May 2017


    On 19 May 2017 I had a great pleasure to take part in the conference of the RTA and WHIPLASH EEG in Munich. The conference was organised by PEOPIL, Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers. Presentations were prepared by the speakers from different parts of Europe (from the UK, Spain, Greece, Germany, France and Poland). I took part in the comparative panel on Contributory Negligence in Motor Claims with German and French colleagues and I presented the regulation of the Polish Civil Code referring to this subject.

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  • 15 April 2014

    “Journalists and their legal status in the light of Polish law” – Człowiek i dokumenty I-III 2014.

    Who can be referred to as a journalist in the light of the Polish law and what is the legal status of a journalist? Should the access to the profession of journalism be open? What are the current regulations concerning the professional conduct of a journalist? What is the legal responsibility of a journalist for his words?

    Att. Benedykt Fiutowski and Iwona Cygan, legal counsel trainee, from Budzowska Fiutowski and Partners faced these difficult questions and took the challenge to provide the relevant answers.

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  • 27 February 2014

    Favourable judgment of the Court of first instance regarding the case of more than 50 million PLN worth value of the dispute [January 2014]

    On 21 January 2014 the Regional Court in Koszalin upheld the position of the law firm Budzowska Fiutowski and Partners representing one of the Polish banks and dismissed the lawsuit in a case where the amount in dispute was over 50 million PLN. The Court shared the standpoint of Att. Benedykt Fiutowski, the bank’s representative, who argued the groundlessness of the opponent’s claims. The opponent sought, inter alia, the cancellation of the credit agreement concluded with the bank and the banking executive titles issued in connection therewith.

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