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Class action


The law firm Budzowska Fiutowski and Partners. Legal Counsels provides legal services related to the cases pursued in the so-called class actions against entrepreneurs and the State Treasury.

Since 19 July 2010, the Polish law provides the citizens with the possibility for the injured parties to act in groups of at least 10 natural or legal persons that have a similar claim against the same entity.

In the light of the potential risk of filing a class action against the entrepreneurs, our clients who conduct business activity, are offered by us with a wide range of legal services which involve, inter alia:

 • the consultations that allow to determine and assess the risk associated with the activity:

 - in a specific industry, such as pharmaceutical, insurance, tourism, property development, banking, telecommunications and others.

- in a specific form, such as listed companies, production companies and others,

- the analysis of standard contracts to verify their compliance with the law,

- mediation and negotiation,

- preparing settlement agreements.

 The activities related to litigating the cases before the court include:

 • preparing lawsuits, appeals and other documents and pleadings,

• representing clients in court.