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27 February 2014

Favourable judgment of the Court of first instance regarding the case of more than 50 million PLN worth value of the dispute [January 2014]

On 21 January 2014 the Regional Court in Koszalin upheld the position of the law firm Budzowska Fiutowski and Partners representing one of the Polish banks and dismissed the lawsuit in a case where the amount in dispute was over 50 million PLN. The Court shared the standpoint of Att. Benedykt Fiutowski, the bank’s representative, who argued the groundlessness of the opponent’s claims. The opponent sought, inter alia, the cancellation of the credit agreement concluded with the bank and the banking executive titles issued in connection therewith. The judgment of the Regional Court in Koszalin is another favourable ruling that BFP obtained for its Client - bank, as a result of a number of court cases handled by the law firm over the years.