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Our experience


We have been practising lawyers long enough to know that legal services can provide indispensable help in making better business decisions, and the lawyer’s professional experience is of utmost importance in this matter.

We are young enough for our knowledge to be continuously updated and we are still determined to master our professional skills.

We are active advisors – we do not wait until the problems arise but we anticipate the risks and prevent them by cooperating with the client.

We have been acting for many years, among others, for the biggest Polish banks, litigating cases related to property management and financial instruments. We provide legal assistance for a number of companies in the investment processes, lease-up and agreements such as franchising.

Our law firm is one of the first on the Polish market which began to specialize in compensation claims, especially compensation for medical malpractice. This experience gives us an advantage over the competition and the certainty that we can realistically assess the chances of winning the case. We know not only how to initiate a lawsuit, but also how to manage it in order to obtain a favourable judgment for our client.